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Website Design, Logo & Branding

As she's a sustainability consultant she  wanted a clean, minimalist website that expressed professionalism and a green mindset.

The logo is based on a Brazilian monsterra leaf, a lightbulb signifying innovation ideas, and the spiral leading to these ideas her capacity for problem-solving

Heineken HR Website

HR at Corporate Office wanted to set up a website to inform and support employees on HR matters. My colleague, who worked as a HR specialist, sought my support to assist in the creation of visual materials and launch of the website.

This included creating and reviewing pages, and supplying visual materials (video's and images). These activities were done besides my routine tasks as Intern HR Business Partner.

Heineken Sharepoint Website Design

Department site

Employees complained that the site looked dated and was not user-friendly. Navigating to find info was difficult. Also there was no HR or learning platform for people to access. 

Seeking to solve these problems I got familiarised with creating, designing, and testing the site with users by building a new homepage, HR, and Learning pages.

The colours were based on both the HEINEKEN green, and the BASE department colours (red, green, blue, yellow, and light grey).

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This site was tested by my mentors

Valentina Salvi - Senior Service Designer, Niamh Harman - Creative Director, & Nadieh van Uden - Senior UX Designer


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