Side projects

Instagram Account

During the corona crisis, a client working in the beauty industry started writing columns on Facebook. 

She wanted to create an Instagram account for these stories. As she didn't know how to do this best, she asked me to support. I created a house style, logo, and taught her how to work with Canva and Instagram professionally. Besides this, I undertook research on similar instagram accounts to advise her of possible account names, and what hashtags to use.

Networking Event

Eat & Meet was a networking event whereby HEINEKEN employees went on a blind coffee 'date' with other employees. We made sure they had not met before. 

This event was created by me and merely two other HEINEKEN colleagues from different departments. We felt such an initiative was needed in our corporate office, characterised by a great number of employees but who usually wouldn't meet anyone outside their work circle. Our goal was to break barriers and build connections. We hosted several regular editions, aswell as a Christmas edition. The event was met with overwhelming enthousiasm. Within two days spots were sold-out, and we had a waiting list for the next editions.

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