Heineken Global Training Video's 


Training & Learning Officer

At Heineken International, I was responsible for the creation of 450 training video's and their launch.


  • Coordinating a team of around 15 local and global Sales, Production, Finance and Procurement experts
  • Training experts in video creation in SAP Enable Now
  • Continuously learn about new updates in tech software
  • Final editing to training video's
  • Communication to stakeholders and users about training video's
  • Testing and iteration of video's


The purpose of the Heineken BASE programme is to harmonise core processes and data, and embed a common way of working across all operating countries. Regional Functional Leads who trained key users in how to conduct these processes noticed that often more was needed to ensure that knowledge has properly transferred. A project was started to create 450 training video's that would further support the learning and knowledge transfer of these processes.


  • 450 training video's were created
  • Extra: An extra deliverable was completed which was a platform where users could easily navigate to the video's they needed.