Product Owner

As the product owner I was responsible for the satisfaction of the client with the end-product, as well as ensuring trainees applied the design thinking + scrum methodologies along with appropriate design methods.


  • Define the project brief together with stakeholders
  • Client Management
  • 1-1 coaching with design trainees
  • Facilitating Sprint Planning, Retrospectives, Translate and Review Sessions
  • Advising on direction of design process and creative concept
  • Advise on creative technologies and software useful for the project


Since Fall 2020, the EdTech for Social Change track within the Digital Society School functioned as a connective hub that opens space for partnerships, applied research and projects within industry stakeholders. It focuses on using technology to boost individual learning, corporate training, and make learning accessible to vulnerable social groups. However, the global impact of Covid-19 and Advacements in Technology led to the track wanting to expand their scope to attract more client projects.

Design Challenge

The design challenge was to create a digital end-product or service that allows the EdTech for Social Change Track (1) to attract new clients (2) sell and market our courses, and (3) increase recognition within the EdTech community.


EdTech Town is a gamified portfolio that through an immersive story guides the user to learn more about the EdTech for Social Change track. Situated in the city of Amsterdam, a tour guide shows you the Project’s Neighbourhood, the Amusement Park containing courses on offer, and finally a fortune teller that through telling your creative fortune lets you gain access to the Design Toolkit as a prize.