Together with two colleagues from different departments, we founded the Eat & Meet event. My roles included designing, hosting, and setting up the event.


  • Create user flow through the location
  • Match participants and send out communication
  • Host participants at location
  • Design conversation menu to enhance experience
  • Evaluate experience with users


A great number of employees work at Heineken Corporate Office who mostly network with colleagues within their departments. To break through these silo's and start building connections, we founded the networking event: Eat & Meet. During the event Heineken employees went on blind lunch dates with colleagues they had not met before (from another department). 

Design Challenge

This was a self-funded and designed event. Therefore we as founders decided to design and prototype an event that would break barriers and build connections. 


We hosted the event several times, including a special Christmas-themed edition. For the first edition the event was fully booked within two days! Therefore we established a waiting list with which we were able to fill spots for next editions.