In June 2020 I joined Fairspace

a platform that envisions "a society in which everyone in the Netherlands, regardless of sex, race, gender or gender expression, feels safe moving through public spaces". In August and September we wanted to organise open workshops. In these workshops people got the opportunity to learn what methods can be used as a bystander of street harassment. 

One of the founders asked me to take the lead on designing a campaign strategy. Hereby, we informed our audience about these workshops, and aimed to make them interested in signing up. 

Strategy & Planning

To clearly formulate what the goals of our campaign and timeframe were, I set up a communication strategy and planning. Together with the team of 4 volunteers, we finalised both. We then divided the tasks where my further task was to create the visual materials.

The visual materials were created with Adobe Illustrator. Artboard size was set to fit as an Instagram post, and the housestyle of Fairspace was used for colour choice (#63C3A9) and font (Montserrat). View the end-products above this post.

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