Dear reader

Hope you’re doing well! I’m reaching out because my mentor Angelica Ortiz (Creative Technologist at Media Monks) forwarded me your position as Creative within the Pitch team.

Once upon a time - or more accurately 6 months ago - I was eager to explore which next career step would be a good match. I opened my laptop and found Angelica – she was living the dream, she was working at Media Monks in the creative field. As if some kind of spell came over me, my fingers typed the message that would lead me to discover my calling… 

In my current role as a Digital Transformation Designer & Coach at the Digital Society School I’m responsible for 5 new design trainees (from different professional and cultural backgrounds) every semester. Besides coaching and leading these teams, I’m the product owner; a bridge between the project and the stakeholders/client. At the Digital Society School I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about gamification, graphic design, prototyping, experiential design, UX/UI design and research, and methods such as scrum and design thinking. This due to different projects such as building an Educational Escape Room from scratch, or leading a current project whereby we use gamification (using gather town and the Octalysis Framework) and virtual worlds (Mozilla Hubs) to create more engagement and belonging. Meanwhile in my free time I work on (digital) Illustrations. I’ve also become a master facilitator by hosting creative workshops/courses and team design sessions. My most favourite thing at my job is to help others develop creative concepts beyond what they imagined possible. In other words, pulling things upside down, side-ways or even out of this universe! 

*you hear a whisper that says: calling* Oh yes! – my calling. Through my conversations with Angelica I realised what I need is to have the space to be creative, continuously learn and explore new tech and raw materials, and inspire and help others with creative concepts. And most importantly – be myself, which is someone who likes to pitch ideas, collaborate on creative concepts with clients, seek inspiration, and learn! Dear reader, I think the position as Creative might be a perfect fit? Are you starting to see that too? 

I hope to be able to express my motivation further in an interview.

Best regards,

Iris Brugman