Digital Transformation Designer/Project Facilitator & Coach


Reader's Learning Goals

After reading this application you will:

  • Be able to learn my relevant experience.
  • Become aware of my soft skills.
  • Learn my vast motivation for becoming a Digital Transformation Designer and Project Coach for the EdTech for Social Change track.


Why DSS?

  • The bond with DSS gives me intrinsic motivation to further contribute to this community.
  • DSS is a wealth of sharing and learning, which satisfies my high drive for learning and need for creativity.
  • The ability to work autonomously, as well as collaborate with stakeholders is a way of working I highly enjoy and pursue.

Why this role?

  • Opportunity to apply my acquired knowledge in (UX) Design, HR, giving trainings & workshops, online learning tools & methods, and marketing & communication.
  • Opportunity to contribute to this community and support new trainees.
  • I aspire to further establish myself as an Instructional Designer/Learning Experience Designer.

Why me?

  • My first-hand experience with the traineeship allows for a user-centred approach with trainees.
  • I've created and facilitated trainings, workshops, and events for Heineken and Fairspace.
  • Experience with supporting learning & development, personal growth and recruitment & selection of employees.
  • Experience with online tools and technological applications.

Relevant Experience

What's my relevant experience?

This is a quick overview of my relevant experience for the role. In my cover letter or CV you can find more info on each function.

Psst! the Medium Article icon is about the design strategy I set up.

Scream Master & Prototype/Testing

Digital Society School

Set up design planning, task board, learning hour, and team buddy system. Team Rituals course design.

Global Training & Learning Officer


Trained a team of around 15 to use a video tool, and personally edited, published and built a platform for 450 training video's.

L&D and Communication Project Manager 


Redesigned the Head Office People Manager Onboarding & managed and helped build the internal HR website.

HR Intercedent, Planner & Recruiter


All round HR experience and crisis management of personnel during concerts and events.

Design, Training, Marketing & Communication, and Events Volunteer


Given bystander intervention training &  created communication, logo's and branding for campaigns.

Freelance business

Iris Brugman

Created branding, logo, post formats, conducted social media research for a client's instagram account. In process of completing an e-learning content project for Heineken.

Soft skills 

Jasmijn Peskens

Global Functional Learning Lead @ HEINEKEN International

"Iris is a motivated, proactive, and intelligent employee that brings a lot of knowledge and eagerness to learn. Starting on our project she deep dived in the tool SAP Enable Now becoming a highly skilled expert on this tool within weeks. Her enthousiasm inspires others to step up their game and make the project a success. It is a pleasure working with her and I'm keen to see the future great things that will come her way"

Franziska Breitling

Franziska Breitling

HR, Change & Communication Manager @ HEINEKEN International

"Iris has a customer service mindset, is always eager to ensure her audience understands what she needs from them, the end user enjoys the product, and that it meets their requirements. She is very approachable, willing to help, proactive in guiding, involving, and training others to ensure the overall timeline. She's a clear communicator, friendly, enthousiastic, and has a passion for the project. She has integrated well into the team, being seen as a valued colleague. She enjoys the technical details, excels by having a clear vision, thinking big, and delivering effectively. With that, she has gone beyond the basic tasks and raised the bar for delivery"

Madeleine Nugteren

Madeleine Nugteren

Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Frisse Blikken

"Collaborating with Iris means having a team member that makes effort with heart and soul. A team member with a sharp mind, and also the willpower to complete tasks both quickly and done well. She also makes sure there is enough laughter and relativation. I hope we will work together in the future again"